Useful Links

Alberta Association of Municipal District and Counties
The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties is an independent association comprising Alberta’s 69 counties and municipal districts.

Alberta Electric Systems Operator
The Alberta Electric Systems Operator leads the planning and operation of the power system, facilitates competitive electricity markets, and ensures open access to the grid.

Alberta Offset Credit System Protocols
Learn how you can receive credits for implementing offset projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities and more than 85% of Albertans.

Alberta Utilities Commission
The Alberta Utilities Commission regulates the utilities sector, natural gas and electricity markets to protect social, economic and environmental interests of Alberta where competitive market forces do not.

Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan
Learn about the Government of Alberta’s plan to take action on climate change.

All One Sky Foundation
All One Sky Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization established by the former Climate Change Central in 2010 to help vulnerable populations at the crossroads of energy and climate change.

Canadian Solar Industries Association
The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) is a national trade association that represents the solar energy industry throughout Canada.

Canadian Wind Energy Association
CanWEA leads the effort to ensure Canada fully realizes its abundant wind energy potential on behalf of its members – and for the benefit of all Canadians – to build a cleaner, stronger future.

Green Energy Futures
Green Energy Futures is a multi-media storytelling project that is documenting the clean energy revolution that's already underway. It tells the stories of green energy pioneers who are moving forward in their homes, businesses and communities.

Energy Efficiency Alberta
Energy Efficiency Alberta is a new provincial agency that will promote and support energy efficiency and community energy systems (including micro-generation and small-scale generation) for homes, businesses and communities.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Climate Change and Resiliency
Join the Federation of Canadian Municipalities network of Canadian municipal governments that have committed to reducing emissions and acting on climate change.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP)
The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) is a five-year, $75-million program that helps municipalities prepare for, and adapt to, climate change, and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by the Government of Canada, MCIP is available to all municipalities and their partners.  

Funding Community Energy and Climate Change Initiatives
A guide to funding for Alberta local governments as part of the Community Energy Planning: Getting to Implementation in Canada initiative. The guide is intended to assist Alberta local government staff and elected officials find appropriate funding to support local government energy planning, efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing tool which building owners and developers can use to upgrade the energy and resource performance of their buildings with no money down and with the financing repaid through their property's tax bill.

Pembina Institute
The Pembina Institute is working to solve today’s greatest energy challenges — reducing the harmful impacts of fossil fuels while supporting the transition to an energy system that is clean, safe and sustains a high quality of life.

Solar Energy Society of Alberta
The Solar Energy Society of Alberta is the trusted community resource for the widespread understanding and use of solar energy in Alberta.